The abandoned, spellbinding 'Palace Below The Hill' was the location for our jewellery shoot in Jaipur. We couldn't have imagined a more magical setting to showcase our jewellery pieces. The day went like a dream with our beautiful model, Miriam looking incredible in every shot. We were fortunate to work with an amazing photographer ... no editing necessary ...

    We had the Palace to ourselves, apart from the guardian of the small Hindu temple, devoted to Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe. It seemed fitting that some of the vintage jewellery finds in our collection depict the feet of Vishnu.

    Some things are meant to be ...

    You can see the Palace and behind the scenes of the shoot in the video below

    Jewellery Shoot, Jaipur

    Watch the video

      Vintage Amulets

      Opium's Amulet Collection offers unique pieces of jewellery designed to protect the wearer. The vintage amulets are embossed with a mantra or a symbol of a God or Goddess and are redesigned with stones chosen for their magical properties. A piece of jewellery worn to imbue confidence and protection.

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      Chakra Bracelets

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