Vintage Protection Amulets - Gods & Goddesses

Vintage Protection Amulets - Gods & Goddesses

Throughout history, talismans have been worn for the protective energy they bestow.  In India, amulets embossed with the images of Gods and Goddesses or sealed with a hidden mantra are worn as symbolic jewellery.

For our Vintage Finds Collection, Tracy personally selects each silver protection pendant and re-designs them into necklaces, bracelets and rings with a matt vermeil 18 carat gold plating.   Each is a unique piece of protective, magical jewellery.   



Vintage Amulets – Gods & Goddesses

The Goddess Durga

picted astride a lion or tiger, the Goddess Durga is the embodiment of female shakti energy and is seen as the protective mother of the Universe. 


The Footprints of Vishnu - Vishnupada

The God Vishnu, the benevolent preserver of the Universe is depicted in amulets by sacred footprints.  The talisman inspires qualities of grounding, balancing of the ego and protection against negative energies.


The Monkey God is depicted on amulets in the warrior pose.  Hanuman invokes the qualities of bravery and loyalty to the wearer.


The elephant headed God, Ganesha is attributed to Wisdom and is seen as the Remover of Obstacles.  He is depicted in jewellery as a protection symbol but also in architecture, often above the threshold as he is believed to protect the home.  

Baba Ram Dev

A 14th Century prophet from Rajasthan, Baba Ram Dev was reputed to have miraculous powers.  He believed all humans to be equal and was followed by both Hindu and Muslim devotees.   On amulets, Ram Dev is depicted on horseback and represents the qualities of human kindness and equanimity for all.

 Devi Goddess

Depicted on amulets as a female standing goddess, the Devi represents all goddesses and the attributes of the divine feminine.

Seven Mothers (Sapta Matrikas)

The Sapta Matrikas amulet (seven mothers), represents the motherly incarnation of the Goddess Shakti and the power of the feminine. It symbolises Mother Earth. The number seven is seen as auspicious in ancient cultures.