The Designer

tracy and yogi

Tracy Kitching and her Pugalier Yogi, Opium's lucky guru.

When Tracy Kitching started her store Opium, sourcing all things beautiful from India, she found herself in Jaipur, a centre for jewellery artisans.

Captivated by the magical gemstones available in the jewellery quarter of the old city, she was inspired to design her own collection for Opium.

Opium necklace designed by Tracy Kitching

Woven Thread Necklace with Vintage Afghan Pendant


“I believe in the healing and protective qualities of stones, but think it instinctive - that you’re naturally drawn to a stone that is right for you.”


Tracy visiting an orphanage for young boys in Jodhpur


nandi cow

Nandi cow in Johari Bazaar, Jaipur



Shopping in the market in Pushkar


“Working side by side with artisans and collectors in India is a continual privilege and inspiration.”

When Tracy first visited Jaipur, she was mesmerized by the diversity of stones available. Already familiar with all the precious and more usual semi-precious stones, she could never have imagined just how many exquisitely coloured gems form in the earth.

In her designs, she favours stones such as Opal, Tourmaline, Chrysoprase, Kyanite, Rainbow Moonstone, Apatite and Tanzanite. She also loves what she calls ‘moody’ stones – opaque Sapphires in blue, pink and yellow, emeralds, dark Rubies and Champagne Diamonds.



Designing Rosary Necklaces with Vintage Amulets, Jaipur

“I source antique protection amulets to rework into necklaces and bracelets – they variously represent loyalty, humility, fertility and the power of the goddess. I treasure these vintage finds – they create a unique, magical piece of jewellery.”

Working with the finest craftsmen and most beautiful gemstones, the collection has a quality usually only seen in 18 carat gold jewellery.

Tracy loves that her clients can acquire stunning pieces of jewellery at an affordable cost. And at the same time, they can be confident that, because it is 18 carat vermeil gold-plated on silver, it will wear well.


chakra bracelet

Emerald Woven Thread Chakra Bracelet


Jali Hoop Earrings in Tanzanite


“I’m inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi - beauty in imperfection, so I may choose an emerald or ruby because of its flaws, not despite them.”



Yellow & Blue Aquamarine Double Teardrop Ring