Peach Moonstone

Soft and glowing, Peach Moonstone delights its wearer with its adularescence, a quality characteristic of Moonstone. This optical phenomenon which makes light appear to bounce softly across the surface of Moonstone is perhaps what caused ancient populations to believe that the stone was made with moonbeams, or at least to believe that the stone’s powers were closely related to the moon. Moonstone is generally thought to bring its wearer good fortune, love and affection.

Peach Moonstone has the loving quality of providing emotional support to sensitive children who may be prone to developing eating disorders if not encouraged to love and value themselves. Moonstone encourages feminine qualities (represented by the moon) such as intuition to be accepted. This stone should be kept close for those needing to separate food from emotional needs. The loving energy of Peach Moonstone soothes worry and brings out the best in people; just as light glides across the stone, its love glides across its wearer.